About Us

Welcome to Avanzare Italian Dining in Springfield, Missouri

Avanzare offers an elegant atmosphere which rivals the best fine dining in Springfield. Missouri. Since its opening in 2002, Avanzare has earned a reputation for great food, service, and atmosphere. Chef/owner Tony Garcia provides guests with the freshest and highest quality food in Springfield. Tony began his restaurant experience in Chicago at a young age. Some of the restaurants he worked in were Coccopazzo, Bice Ristorante, Spagos, Cafe Fresco and Tuscany on Taylor Street. Tony accepted the position of head chef at Ristorante Teatro in 1998. This was Tony’s first time in Springfield. He wasn’t sure how he would feel about living here, but he decided to give it a chance. “As soon as I got to Springfield I was enchanted with its nature and wonderful people. I knew right away that Springfield was the perfect place to start my family.” Three months after his arrival in Springfield Tony’s wife Carmen joined him. In January of 1999 their daughter Yahaira Jayline (Yaya), was born. In August of 2004, their second child, Antonio Yael, was born. After working at Ristorante Teatro for almost four years, Tony joined forces with Agim Zendeli to open Avanzare Italian Dining in May of 2002. He continues to put his heart and dedication into his business. In 2006, Tony Garcia became the sole owner of Avanzare.

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